OZONE as disinfectant

We have used OZONE at Swissdetail for many years. It is a very effective odor remover, as it kills all bacteria and microorganisms in the air. We use it in a closed vehicle for several hours to remove smells in smoker cars, after mouse infestations or “accidents” in cars like spilled milk or other organic matters.

With the current spread of the COVID19 virus, we would like to give you a clearer understanding of the use of Ozone to disinfect your vehicle. In addition to the strong oxidizing power of ozone, properties of ozone also help it to be an ideal aerial disinfectant. In contrast to UV radiation and HEPA filter, ozone is a gas that can penetrate every corner of your vehicle, thus it can disinfect the entire vehicle effectively. As ozone is unstable, it is readily converted back to oxygen, leaving no harmful residual ozone after disinfection.

Ozone (O3) is an unstable gas comprising three atoms of oxygen. It is unstable because the gas will readily degrade back to its stable state,
diatomic oxygen (O2) with the formation of free oxygen atoms or free radicals.
The free oxygen atoms or radicals are highly reactive and they will oxidize
almost anything (including viruses, bacteria, organic and inorganic
compounds) it contacts, making ozone an enormously powerful disinfectant and oxidizer.


  • COVID-19 Mini Special (Read details on this Product HERE)
  • FREE OZONE TREATMENT for our FULL and INTERIOR Detail Services: Please drop off your vehicle the day before by 4 pm, so we can run the OZONE during the night, prior to our sanitation work. Under the new directive, all vehicles are currently ozoned prior to our cleaning services. New appointments and all based on sanitation. We are currently suspending our “non essential” exterior work, to focus on sanitizing and cleaning to keep you and your passengers safe!
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING. We have a “Key Drop Box” to drop off your vehicle & keys, without personal contact as well as scheduled pick-ups with a “key code box” where your keys are kept safe. (We’ll text you the code, when your vehicle is ready). Payments can be made over the phone, as we accept all credit cards. Our Loaner vehicles are ready for you, if you need a ride while we sanitize yours. Please rest assured that our fleet is disinfected between each client. Our concierge service is currently suspended to avoid cross-contamination.

Please check all our other services that may be helpful in this situation (such as air vent disinfectant). Our website is www.swissdetail.us or call us at 406.580.6204

Stay healthy and safe out there!

Your Swissdetail Team

Covid 19 Mini Special – healthcare professional and first responder discount!

As the coronavirus continues to evolve and become more virulent, there are many unanswered questions. One of them being, how long can the coronavirus survive outside a host ie on surfaces? The short answer is, we don’t know yet, as there hasn’t been enough research done. What we do know is, the influenza virus can survive anything between 5 hours up to 7 days on an outside surface depending on the environment temperature and humidity.

In order to be safe, as we still do not really know how long this corona virus can survive on surfaces, its best to disinfect areas that have lots of contact with people whether or not they are showing signs of having been infected or not. This includes your car.

As long as the government is not ordering a complete shut down of all businesses in our area, we are offering a COVID19 Mini Special with a special discount for first responders and healthcare professionals.


Our focus is on OZONE TREATMENT!

The COVID19 Mini Special includes the following services:

  • 2 hour Ozone treatment of the interior of your vehicle
  • Vacuum and clean (wash & disinfect) interior surfaces
  • Clean windows inside and out

For medical professionals and first responders this service is $100 / vehicle

For all other clients this service is $150 / vehicle

We can currently service 2 vehicles in the morning (8am to noon) and 2 vehicles in the afternoon (noon to 4 pm). CALL US at 406.580.6204

Please rest assured that our facility is a very clean and safe environment. Our employees have work spaces that are more than 6 feet apart and they wear masks and gloves while working on your vehicle. In addition, we always offer our standard services that may be helpful in this situation:

  • Pick up & delivery in Bozeman City limits $15
  • Pick up & delivery 4-Korners, Belgrade etc starting at $25
  • Air Vent Disinfectant $35

Stay safe and healthy out there!! Your Swissdetail Team

Valentines gifts for car lovers

What’s better than cruising down the road in a nice clean car? Giving someone else that special feeling!

It can be difficult to find the right gift for your special someone, but if your valentine is a car enthusiast, we have some ideas for you:

Ever heard of kick-mats? They hang over the back of your seat, protecting them from getting kicked and scuffed by your little one’s.  Even better, they double as organizers for all the stuff that needs to be handy, while running around town, or on a long  road trip.

Speaking of protecting the interior of your vehicle, nothing beats a set of custom floor mats! They keep your carpets and floors clean, dry, and protected from wear-and-tear. Weather Tech floor mats are laser measured for a perfect fit. Click on the kick-mat and Weather Tech logos for more details.


From our perspective as an Auto Detailer, these are some of the best investments you can make for your car. Especially in our Montana weather. Snow, mud, gravel… whatever you drag into your car. It all stays contained, and these products are easily removed and cleaned.

While we are on the topic of Montana weather… short winter days are headlight saving days!  Our headlight restoration service refinishes aged and dull headlights to their former brilliance. Oxidation from UV light, road debris, and other environmental factors can age your headlights dramatically! Make sure your loved ones are safe on the roads and call us today for an appointment!  (406) 580 6204


Last but not least, all our services from headlight restoration, to an ozone treatment, to a full detail, make great gifts! We are happy to issue gift cards for any service or dollar amount.


Call us today, or stop by our shop, and we’ll be happy to help you chose the right service for your loved one’s car! 

Happy Valentines!

Dad’s Love Cars!

We would love to tell you all about the great ideas for Father’s Day’s gifts…. but we would just repeat ourselves!

Please check out our post from May 8th, A Mother’s Day gift for the car loving Mom!

Dad’s love their cars at least as much as Mom’s do!


But we do have a new Impala for you to see! She’s a beauty!!

No matter what car your Dad drives, we’d love to give it an excellent Detail or just a spot clean or anything in between! Call us at 406-580-6204 to get a gift certificate for the special man or men in your life!

The Benefits of a professional Car Detail

If you consider that the services performed by a professional will significantly extend the life and improve the appearance of your vehicle, along with the fact that over the long term it can help retain the vehicle’s resale value, having the work done can prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Here are a few of the Benefits:

Improved resale value, higher selling price. A vehicle that’s been maintained well will always demand a higher selling price, and this holds true for its appearance, too. An exterior that’s been cleaned and waxed regularly will show less wear and tear and the paint and clear coat will be more durable in the long run. Inside, regular detailing will help a car hold its new-car feel.

Convenience. Not only will you save yourself the time and hassle of washing, waxing and vacuuming your car, it can also be more convenient. Our auto-detailing shops offer pick-up and drop-off services as well as a loaner car for the day, if required.

Fewer penalties. When returning a leased vehicle, you can often be penalized for not keeping up maintenance on the vehicle including the paint job and interior and upholstery. Having these items detailed on a regular basis can be an investment that saves you from ponying up cash for lease-return penalties.

Faster sale turnaround. Everybody loves that “new car” look, feel and smell,  even if they’re buying a used car. A car with a recent thorough detail will sell faster than one that hasn’t been cleaned by a professional.

Peace of mind. Spills happen. We always give our best effort in accommodating quick professional help to remove any spills, stains or other accidents using tried-and-true methods. It will not only save you elbow grease, it’s also to ensure the stain or spill has been removed or neutralized as effectively as possible. Besides the deep clean, we also offer Ozone treatment to eliminate odors in your vehicle. Who wants to drive around in a car that smells like sour milk…. or worse!?

Removal of Swirl marks. Swirl marks are typically scratches that were caused by an overenthusiastic buffing job. If you lean into a power buffer, it’s very easy to leave rough scratches that take the form of ugly swirl marks. We have saved a great many black SUV’s and other vehicles from driving down the road looking like a swirly disaster. It’s one of our specialties, and we take great pride in making your car look stunning!

Our shop is a state of the art facility built for your professional detailing service.

A Mothers day Gift Idea for the Car-loving Mom!

Are you running out of Mothers Day Gift Ideas?

Your Mom is a special woman and she deserves all the love you can give.

Maybe she is dreaming of a new vehicle? But that might be out of your price range….

Here are some great gift ideas that will make her car look and feel better: 

  • A key-less entry upgrade
  • A fancy steering wheel cover
  • Customized sun shades
  • A new windshield
  • An upgraded sound system….

or of course, you can give her the feel and smell of a new car, by getting her a gift certificate for an Auto Detailing Service! Wouldn’t she love to see her car being given a spa-like treatment from top to bottom!

Call us at: 406-580-6204 or come by our shop to pick up a gift certificate for the special woman or women in your life! We are pretty sure that it will make their eyes glitter… twice! First, when they get your gift, and the second time, when they pick up their car!



It’s rolling!

We’re all moved in and set up at our NEW LOCATION on 3004 N 27th Ave, right behind Target. The first couple of days of business have already past, and the new routine is set. We really enjoy our new beautiful shop!

We’re moving!

goodby Maus LNFinally, the new shop is done and ready! So we’re closing the door on our old location at 100 Maus Lane #B today – and open the new one on 3004 N 27th Ave on Monday October 2nd!

Thank you Maus Lane, you were good to us. Now let’s see how we’re doing on N27th!